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    Digital doesn't need to be toxic. But in our business and personal lives too often it is. We believe that digital is about people, not technology; and we are on a mission to help you and the business you work in be happier, healthier, more productive and more strategic in an increasingly digital world. Our approach is based on enabling you and the business to be the best version of yourselves, not the worst.


    Here are some of the things we do:

    Keynote speaking

    Martin Talks of Digital Detoxing is a well known speaker on how to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Recent keynotes include

    Relate Live, with Zendesk in New York, October 2017 "Emotional Intelligence in a time of Artificial Intelligence".

    Find out more.

    Digital transformation

    Humanising technology

    Most businesses are now in a constant state of digital transformation. But digital transformation is about people as much as technology. We are just at the start of digital disruption and it is essential that we create a vision, strategy and tactics that will ensure the digital transformation we create is a positive one, not a toxic one. 

    Digital culture training and consultancy

    We deliver a range of workshops and webinars to help businesses develop an effective digital culture. Technology should your enabler not your enslaver. We explore how to use and not use technology. We look at how to improve the collaboration, connectivity and agility that digital promises. At the same time we make sure it builds concentration, creativity, health, resilience and happiness. We teach techniques of how to build good habits that you can apply in a practical way.

    Healthy workplace audits

    Establishing the right workplace culture and habits can make a huge difference to the health, happiness and productivity of a company.

    • We take time to understand your business aims and desired culture
    • We assess the relationship people have with technology and working practices and look at the physical as well as virtual aspects
    • We would score your company against best practice
    • We produce an infographic showing where you could improve
    • And we then make recommendations and measurements so you can see the difference that a digital detoxed workplace can deliver.

    We conduct the audits through a combination of an on-site visit and observation, interviews and a questionnaire. Ask for a quote.



    Business loves to talk about Return On Investment (ROI), but should also add the measurement of Return On Adventure (ROA). We take groups on one day, three day and week long adventures for teams and groups to discover new ways to look at the world, each other and ourselves. Removed from the distraction of email, phone calls and social media, we take a deep breath and dive in to big themes from creativity, to productivity, to team work, to stress and to fun. Find out more about what ROA can deliver for you.

    Resilience and performance optimisation

    We live in a VUCA world. A world of:

    • Volatility: the high speed and complicated dynamics of change in modern organisations and markets.
    • Uncertainty: it's hard to predict the future so forecasting and decision making are more challenging.
    • Complexity: we are deluged by new ideas, information and systems.
    • Ambiguity: Old certainties look less certain leading to lack of clarity about the environment in which companies operate.

    We have developed a range of tools and techniques to help people not just adapt, but thrive and perform more often at their very best. Sessions can include topics such as gratitude, abundance thinking, self-awareness, self-mastery and leading from within. This is a holistic approach helping optimise your mind, body and heart. We look at all aspects from mindfulness, to nutrition, to exercise, to habits. 

    Leadership mentoring

    Leading change and people are two of the most demanding aspects of a leader's work. There is little 'business as usual' these days as changes come thick and fast. Technology is driving a lot of these changes and is becoming exponential. This can bring positive opportunities for companies, but also uncertainties and threats. We help leaders

    • be aware of and understand the changes that technology is bringing
    • develop new change strategies 
    • participate in and support the change
    • look beyond the bottom line - which is great for the bottom line
    • develop mindful leadership skills

    Above all, we help leaders and aspiring leaders to develop resilience, empowerment and purpose.

    Find out more.


  • Want to have an adventure?

    Return On Adventure is the new measurement that counts. Want to have an adventure?


    We took the BBC on a Digital Detoxing Adventure.

    Channel 5

    We took Channel 5 on a Digital Detoxing Adventure.


    We took Sky on a Digital Detoxing Adventure.

  • A to Z of Digital Detoxing

    A practical family guide - ideal for you or someone you know

  • Gaining momentum - 15 million UK internet users have undertaken a digital detox

    Plenty going on in the mission of Digital Detoxing.

    BBC Radio Five Live

    Discussing the new French legislation giving people the right to disconnect from work emails.

    BBC Breakfast

    Discussing the Ofcom Communications Market Report 2016 on BBC Breakfast

    BBC Radio York

    A debate with Jonathan Cowap of BBC Radio York on digital detoxing following the release of Ofcom's Communications Market Report 2016 showing that 15m UK internet users have taken a digital detoxing break from technology.

    BBC Radio York

    A debate with Jonathan Cowap of BBC Radio York on digital detoxing following the release of Ofcom's Communications Market Report 2016 showing that 15m UK internet users have taken a digital detoxing break from technology.

  • Press

    Everyone's talking about Digital Detoxing. Be part of a movement that's making a big impact.

    Nearly 7 million people feel depressed when they see friends’ lives on social media. See the research and some solutions.

    Discussing whether digital and social media is a benefit or distraction at work on Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4. Listen here.

    Workers’ after-hours emails cancel out entire annual leave allowance. Read about it here with some tips from Digital Detoxing on how to break your smartphone addiction.

    If Christmas was a screenfest & you want your children to spend less time staring at screens, read this.

    The Telegraph

    If you obsessively check your phone, there’s a fashionable new way to screen your calls, texts and emails. And some tips on breaking your addiction to your smartphone.

    The FT talks about tech overload consultants who encourage people to turn off their smart devices and tune into the real world. See article here.

    We took Channel 5 and some entrepreneurs away on a Digital Detoxing Adventure to a remote location in Norfolk, UK. See what happened.

    Redefining success beyond money and power. This is what digital detoxing means in 2015.

    Diary of a digital detoxer. We took a Huffington Post journalist away on a Digital Detoxing adventure with some entrepreneurs looking to learn more about developing resilience. Diary of a digital detoxer.

    Sky News came on a Digital Detoxing in 2015 - in the snow. Richard Suchet wrote an article about the day.

    Treat digital technology like you do a diet. But don't forget the value of fasting. Digital Detoxing featured in Huffington Post.

    'Digital Detoxing as holidaymakers try to disconnect' was an article published on Saturday 14th February 2015 in the Saturday Times. 

    Martin Talks appeared on the John Beattie show on BBC Scotland to discuss digital detox holidays.

    Korea is one of the most digitally saturated countries in the world. So perhaps no wonder their leading TV station was interested in learning more.

  • Vital Statistics

    Here are some facts about the Return On Investment you can get from working with Digital Detoxing.

    23 - 27%

    Reduction in feelings of stress, anxiety and of being overwhelmed that participants from a finance company felt after a four-week Digital Detoxing mindfulness course.

    8%, 11% and 6%

    Increases in work performance, leadership skills and happiness that participants from a finance company felt after a four-week Digital Detoxing mindfulness course.

    1 in 5

    Working population affected by stress

    £1.24bn annually

    Cost to UK employers of absenteeism which is primarily caused by stress


    The average time of a working day that someone's mind wanders. 'Presenteeism' has been estimated as 6x more costly to business than absenteeism.

    10 point fall in IQ

    Awareness of 1 unread email in your inbox.

  • Meet the team


    Martin founded Digital Detoxing in 2013 and has been involved in digital industries for nearly 20 years. Having worked in M&A and venture capital, he floated online shares information company, ADVFN, on the London Stock Exchange in 2000; founded the pioneering digital marketing agency, Blue Barracuda, in 2002 and sold it to the FCB Group; and he was then Global Digital Lead for the FCB Group. He continues to be active in advanced digital technology and teaches on digital trends for Google, but believes that digital is about people not technology.


    Isobel is a Millennial and digital native, who instinctively understands digital communications, but also understands the positive and negative impact these can have. As a Masters Graduate in Gender, she has a specialist interest in digital issues relating to gender and diversity.


    Nikki is an empowerment coach, community organiser, programme developer and creative events organiser. The services I provide help individuals, organisations, and communities take self leadership and bring about positive change.​ Amongst other skills Nikki offers and leads workshops in such subjects as gratitude, mindful movement, personal development and building communities. She also leads our mission to build community within the workplace.


    Andy is a mindfulness consultant. He started practising mindfulness out of curiosity and soon became convinced of its value as he started feeling calmer, more creative, more empathic and had more clarity of thought. He started incorporating mindfulness techniques in film production to keep people calm in front of the camera and found his relationships with his clients and colleagues greatly improved. He believes mindfulness could be the key to creating happier workplaces and more ethical businesses.

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